Do you want to make sure you're buying
the right foods for a heart healthy diet?


How heart healthy is your shopping now? 
Take this quiz and find out!

Use answers:

1. Do fruit and vegetables account for at least 25% of the food items on your shopping list?

2. On average, do grain products (breads, pasta, rice, cereals) make up at least 25% of the food items on your shopping list?

3. When you buy dairy products, do you choose lower-fat varieties?

4. When you buy meat, do you select lean cuts and smaller portions?

5. How often do you purchase legumes, beans, or tofu?

6. When you buy margarine, do you choose one that is soft, non-hydrogenated and low in saturated fat?

7. When comparing similar foods, do you read the labels?

Discover where you can make improvements, take a close look at the questions to which you answered Newer, Seldom, and Sometimes. These are the areas where you can make changes for the better.

If you answered Often or Always to any questions, congratulations! You already have some heart healthier shopping routines.

Remember, every small step counts!

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