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By setting a series of achievable goals, you can make progress!

A well-planed shopping list, full of delicious choices, 
is the key ingredient for a heart healthy way of eating.

Change your shopping habits one step at a time.

Make a list of goals that will help you improve.

Set reasonable goals that you can achieve comfortably.

Select a few goals to work on now. As each goal on your original list is achieved, replace it with a new goal. In a just a few trips to the grocery store, you'll see improvements in your shopping routine.

Heart healthy shopping can be... budget wise, quick, efficient and deliciously tempting.

Top 10 ways to change:

1. Set weekly goals for improvement.

2. Smart shopping is key. Make a shopping list and follow it. Plan it around food groups or your Action Plan.

3. Don't shop when you're hungry-it makes it harder to follow your list.

4. Add a new heart healthy recipe to your menu each week.

5. Read nutrition panels and labels to see if a food is low in total fat, especially saturated fat.

6. Try lower-fat cooking methods (baking, broiling) instead of frying.

7. Modify family favorites, substituting lower-fat brands and ingredients.

8. Involve those you cook for in menu planning.

9. Start your shopping trip in the right direction-visit the bread and produce section first. Choose plenty of fruit, vegetables, and grain products. Select lower-fat meat and dairy products.

10. Keep track of your progress and celebrate each goal you reach.