Travel Tips

Tips for Business Travelers

  • Men should carry passports and plane tickets in their pants pocket and not jackets, in case the jacket is misplaced or stolen.
  • Always pack extra clothing, an extra shirt (blouse), pants (skirt), socks, tie, underwear and stain remover in your carry-on bag – just in case your luggage is lost or you have accident on the trip.
  • Don’t give yourself away with easily read name and luggage tags. Use combination of name and numbers.
  • Business travelers are always prime target for criminals. In order to prevent incidents, business travelers should always avoid traveling in cars bearing foreign license plates or anything else that says, “I am not from here.”
  • If you are taking a cab from the airport in a non-English speaking country, make sure you have a piece of paper with your hotel’s name and directions written in that country’s language to hand to the driver. You’ll get to the right hotel much faster and without frustration.
  • When your reserved car is unavailable, rental agents typically upgrade you to a larger vehicle at the same rate. Reserve a compact car at a cheap rate. Chances are when you arrive and a compact isn’t available, you’ll be upgraded to a bigger car free.
  • Overstocked airport car rental locations may offer airport-only deals. When you see the “Cars Available” sign at the rental counter, forget about your reservations. Walk up to the counter and negotiate the best rate possible.
  • Most hotels are eager to snare long-term business. If you plan to stay at a specific hotel for an extended period of time, negotiate a private discounted rate, room upgrades, free breakfasts or complimentary valet service.
  • Keep valuable documents, computer disks and laptop hard drives always on your person. Never leave anything important in your room if you are not there.
  • Going out? Hang the “Do not disturb” sign from your hotel door and leave the lights and TV on.
  • Beware of would-be suitors, and always watch your drinks.
  • Replacing a lost or stolen credit card when traveling can sometimes be difficult, so bring two or three, and keep them separate to prevent yourself from losing all your cards at the same time.
  • Sometimes by simply asking, “Is this the lowest rate available?”, you can net big savings.
  • When you’ve got the right look, it’s amazing how big you can appear. How business people present themselves speaks volumes about their companies. Find clothing that fits and enhances you and your company’s identity and the environments where you operate.
  • Buy Micro Pro Fabric Steamer by Franzus – This compact device is a must for every business traveler. It will steam tough creases out of any suitcase-weary fabric. Weighing 1.3 lb. Dual 120-240V. Ultra compact design & folding handle. Includes storage bag.

Keep in mind that success is a direct result of ambition, connections or a really good to-do list!

Have a safe and incident-free trip.