For the bulletin board of the Chef’s Office

  1. The Chef is right.
  2. The Chef is always right.
  3. The Chef does not sleep, he/she rests.
  4. The Chef doesn’t eat, he/she nourishes himself/herself.
  5. The Chef doesn’t drink, he/she tastes.
  6. The Chef is never late, he/she is delayed.
  7. The Chef never leaves the service, he/she is called away.
  8. If you enter the Chef’s office with your own idea, you leave with Chef’s.
  9. It is forbidden for Chefs to marry in order that their numbers should not increase.
  10. The Chef is always the Chef, even in his/her swimming costume.


“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~Albert Einstein

Most of us know that vegetarianism is good and healthy for our body. Generally vegetarianism is intelligent, it’s enlightened, it’s compassionate and it’s very fashionable way of eating. It gives you more energy, lowers cholesterol, gives you more of healthy fiber, lowers your blood pressure, gives you less fat and many other long-term health benefits.

Then, why people don’t cook vegetarian food more often? One reason may be that most of the people don’t know how to prepare that type of food in a tasty way.

So as you start digging into our new database, don’t forget to submit your favorite recipes for other users.

Whole-food nutrition is key to looking and feeling your best...

Whole-food nutrition is key to looking and feeling your best, and it is all yours at the flip of a switch.

My favorite home gourmet, the Vita-Mix Professional Blender, with its 11.5 amp motor, chops fresh vegetables for salsa, processes nut butters and spreads, grinds whole grains into flour, minces onions and boiled eggs, grates cheese, purees soups or baby food, juices whole fruits and vegetables, blends shakes and smoothies and even mixes ice cream, sorbets and other frozen treats.