Dry Eye?

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Find Fast, Effective Dry Eye Relief

Dry Eye occurs when something interferes with your tears’ normal production or function. It can be chronic condition, most often related to aging. Usually, people over 50 have dramatically increased rates of the condition, and post-menopausal women are especially at risk due to hormone changes.

In mild cases, a slight burning sensation is common. Other symptoms include a dry, scratchy, sandy or gritty sensation. In moderate to severe condition, you might experience sensitivity to light, blurred vision and sometimes uncontrolled tearing.

Dry Eye can also be triggered environmentally by irritants, smog, smoke, wind, prolonged work at a computer, even contact lens wear. Certain environmental conditions can spark symptoms in a hurry. For example: air condition, air pollution, dry climates, high altitudes, high humidity, even overheated rooms.

In addition to aging and environmental triggers, dry eye is associated with a number of diseases (asthma, diabetes, blepharitis), medications (antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-diarrheals, decongestants) and other health related conditions (eye trauma, smoking, pregnancy).

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