Why I like Nature’s Resource

By Maya ~ January 8th, 2009. Filed under: Product Reviews.

Not all herb brands deliver what you think they do. Different brands can contain vastly different amounts of the active ingredients that makes them worth taking in the first place. With this brand, I know that I am receiving the right quality and amount of active ingredients needed.

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  1. Mike

    Flower remedies, highly distilled plant essences, are wonderful antidotes to stress and anxiety. The most effective for any type of stress is the combination formula Rescue Remedy.

    So when all the little pressures buid up and turn your life into a pressure cooker, turn to one of the many simple solutions.

  2. Maya

    The Rescue Remedy is Dr. Bach’s most famous flower essence formula. Read more info about Bach Flower Rescue Remedies in our post… http://romwell.com/blog/?p=302

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