For Your Wellbeing – Just 30 minutes of Flex Time

By Librarian101 ~ November 8th, 2008. Filed under: Health, Personal Care, Product Reviews.

It’s never been more convenient to work out at home. Get a leg up on your New Year’s or any other healthy resolution without braking the bank or joining the club. Watch FREE Videos

Suggested equipment:

  • Stationary bike – easy as riding a bike, have fun – watch TV at the same time
  • Treadmill – walk or run to burn calories and get into shape
  • Elliptical trainer – run on the spot without pounding your joints
  • Skipping rope3X more calories burned than running for same time
  • Resistance bands – highly versatile way to add resistance training to your workout.
  • Yoga mat – to practice yoga or Pilates or any other floor strech
  • Exercise ball – a great addition to your everyday workout routine to improve strength and posture.
  • Free weights – lose weigh faster, develop upper strength and tone leg muscles.
  • Expanders – great for several upper body/arm exercises and cardiovascular strength

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  1. Mike

    Quick Relaxation – Good Stress Reducer

    When you don’t have time to exercise try quick relaxation to feel calmer and more centered instantly.

    Take a deep breath (sitting or standing), fill your belly up as you inhale. As you exhale, silently count ONE and than empty your belly of air. Continue inhaling and exhaling exercise until you reach at least the count of 10. You can do this easy exercise anywhere, even in the middle of a tense meeting, at your office, car or at home. Repeat as often as you wish. This is great relaxation and good way to feel great. It will not cost you anything and it is great daily practice to reduce stress.

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